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Promote Your Business with Lankan E-Ads SMS Marketing Solutions.

SMS is one of the fastest growing ways to reach out to your customers. Most text messages are read within just minutes of being sent, because most people carry their mobile phones everywhere. So SMS is a highly effective and personal way to contact your potential target audience.

We as an advertising firm help you to leverage the growing trend of your company by advertising your message to the right target audience. Through our company we assure you to deliver these benefits through a complete SMS advertising platform that allows you to reach your target audience with highly effective, timely and personal messages. We have several segments (geographically, demographically, etc.) you select according to your budget. We ensure your company’s increased brand recognition and an intimate relationship between you and your potential consumers

SMS Marketing Packges

Basic PackageRs. 6,500

  • 5,000 SMS

Advanced PackageRs. 30,000

  • 25,000 SMS

Business PackageRs. 50,000

  • 50,000 SMS

Business Plus PackageRs. 90,000

  • 100,000 SMS